At Johnson's Doodles we believe in Early Neurological Stimulation and we incorporate methods from Super Dog, Puppy Culture and Bad Ass Breeder to give our pups the best start in life. Starting at 3 days of age, we will begin stimulating the neurological system with methods such as tactile stimulation, socialization and enrichment. Our puppies will be introduced to various smells, sounds and textures to encourage development. There are proven benefits of ENS, including improved cardio vascular performance, stronger heart beats and adrenal glands, more tolerant to stressors and greater resistance to disease. Well socialized and enriched pups at an early age have a dramatic impact on a puppy's personality, intelligence, demeanor and health.

Our pups will be handled daily and be comfortable with kids of all ages, other animals, and various household noises. We will introduce to car rides, regular nail clippings, brushings, baths and intro to blow dryer. Around 3 weeks will begin potty training our pups to a designated indoor potty area. Our puppies will also begin crate training around 4 weeks, this will encourage independence and hopefully by allowing puppy to become comfortable sleeping in its own crate for a few hours here will ease the transition into your home. 

All of our pups will be dewormed several times before leaving us, vaccinated and given a clean bill of health from our Repro Vets. At age 7 weeks puppies will be temperament tested utilizing Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Testing. Pups come from health and genetic tested parents and will be clear by parentage. 

Your Johnson's Doodle pup will come home freshly groomed with a personal swag bag including current dog food, vaccination/vet record, health certificate, microchip, 1 year health guarantee for any life threatening genetic issues or diseases, lifetime support from breeder, 30 day free pet insurance, puppy blanket scented with mom and siblings and more!