At Johnson's Doodles we believe that everything we do with our dogs will give your puppies the best start. We strive to keep our dogs as healthy and happy as possible. Our dogs are fully vaccinated and receive monthly medication to protect against heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. We feed our dogs high quality kibble with specially developed blend of pre and probiotics. We also add wild alaskan salmon oil and doc roys B strong to their food. Other supplements we utilize are Oxymate pre and post natal vitamins and cranberry bladder bites. We believe dogs deserve fresh and filtered water too, so we provide ours with automatic water fountains to ensure the freshest water all day. Our dogs love treats and we love to spoil them with high quality treats and dog safe human food. We believe mental stimulation is very important to keep a happy dog, we provide plently of bully sticks, water buffalo horns, food puzzles and snuffle mats.

We regularly brush and groom our dogs at home, we have a "doggy spa" in our basement with a professional hydraulic grooming table, high velocity dryer and stainless steel dog bath. We only use iGroom products and absolutely love them!

All of our dogs were crate trained to promote independence and assist with potty training. Our dogs no longer require the need to be crated, however they all do have personal 4x6 open pens to allow seperate time and safety when/if we aren't home. We provide each dog with a doggy cot which eliminates weight and stress on joints, and orthopedic memory foam traditional dog beds to provide different options. For the dogs health and ours, we run ceiling fans to circulate air, utilize multiple air purifiers and change our filters often. To help our fur babes relax and be less senstive to noise, we utilize sound machines during nap and bed time.

As for exercise, we have a few fenced in acres the dogs are able to free run through, a merry go round they will run on and our kids trampoline they love! Not to mention usually 1 of our 4 kids are outside chasing them all over. Part of our back yard is wooded, plenty of wildlife to keep the dogs entertained as well!

All of our dogs, and puppies once weaned, are free fed. Free feeding means we do not schedule feedings, instead we put out food every morning and leave it out all day until 1 hour before last potty session of the night. This approach allows the dogs to graze throughout the day which can help prevent bloat, helps establish self regulation, and prevents food aggression since they all eat together. 

For breeding, we work closely with our Reproductive Veternarians at Northview Animal Clinic. We have performed all breed specific health and genetic testing on our breeding dogs, and have made breeding decisions based on health and temperment of pairings. When our girls come into season, we perform progestrone testing with our Repro Vet to predict best time for breeding. Our Repro Vet then collects semen from our studs, analyzes it, and uses it to perform a TCI (trans-cervical insemination) to keep our girls safe and healthy.

Our dogs are our Family and we try to give them the best